2,014 Writing Goals for the New Year

2,014 Writing Goals for the New Year (Updated from “2,013 Writing Goals for the New Year”)

#2,014: Write more and better. And Be okay with failure of any of these goals.

#2,013-1,013: Write 1,000 words per sitting/a day/within a week I’m proud of.

#1,012-1,005: Make MORE time 7 days a week for writing. That means you, TV. And you too, sleep. Try to get the wife and kids in on this plan.

#1,004-992: Get that writing circle going once a month with only two people. That means I have to have something worth reading once a month. Or not (if they have something).

#991-91 (yes, 900 goals): Start scribing/organizing in pixel form my writing journals from the past seven years. This alone will take time, and then take more time. And then more time.

#90-78: Organize everything, sort of. I mean loose organization at first, then once you get something on your line, start focusing the boat on that. So twelve projects? Start with twelve.

#77: Work on the Novel.

#76: No, seriously, work on the Novel. Get it done, or at least 150 “done” pages of it. Write it in a month, or only focus on it for a month. Or something. But do it. Be done with part of it.

#75-63: Work on those perfect twelve short stories. Maybe 13. But focus and get one done and then move on.

#62: Sell that script. You know the one. Get it tight and just send it out. Expect rejection, but send it out.

#61-56: Get the abstracts ready for the other five scripts. Get ten pages done for each of them. When will you do this? No idea.

#55: Find the time.

#54-42: Even though you are always reading, always be reading (a book a month, or four). Get the classics and the modern classics and the modern trending writers and surround yourself with them and then forget them. Don’t imitate, but write with the best in mind.

#41: Write badly. Just for a little spell. Let yourself go, a little bit. Don’t be shy.

#40-28: Mail something out/email out a month, even if it’s an attempt to make a writing contact.

#27: DON’T shoot for the fences of writing fame. Be measured and talented. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

#26: Fight hard against wanting not to do #27.

#25-15: Work on that children’s series. You know, after the short fiction and the scripts and the novel. Or?

#14: Know when to take a break to ward off fatigue and loss of perception. Take a step back, often.

#13: Know when to stop writing about entering a house and have your character enter the house and do whatever he needs to do.

#12: Know when to get your character to leave the house. Or not leave. Or whatever.

#11: But make it interesting.

#10: Whoa, number 10 already?

#9: Work hard on that dialogue. What dialogue? You’re kidding. Oh, you’re being funny.

#8: Work hard on that character development. Start with a scene and a look, and climb inside the skin.

#7: Learn and re-learn how to tell a story. TV is okay. So are movies. Comic books too.

#6: Aim for deadlines for yourself. Nobody else has to know them except maybe the wife and kids.

#5: Keep up with the blog.

#4: And the other blog. Not the old blogs though.

#3: Don’t be afraid to not keep up, either. In the future you’ll be saying “I had all these goals and”…and then you figured it out.

#2: Go write a song. Or 12.

#1: Find the time to nap and dream.

borrowed from me from my other other other blog no one knows about, Gypsyland Writing Emporium (C) 2013.


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