The Coming War Should Have Never Happened, Says The Future

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“The ________________ War you’re currently hoping for or at least hoping to enter (whether secretly or openly) will be very, very, very, very bad for everyone involved, especially children, the elderly, certain ethnic and religious groups, and the Earth itself.

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The ________________ War will easily benefit the top 15% of all economic groups worldwide at the sacrifice of most of the bottom 15%. The middle 70% will also suffer from the hellish business of nations hurting other nations in varying degrees.

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Everyone will have to deal with the fallout from the _________________ War, and whoever is saying that war is good is willingly forgetting all the people who will die or lose loved ones and that kind of thing.

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There are many alternatives to war, and people are employing them most of the time in their communities, schools, worship centers, and businesses, but for some reason you all love a good fight to the death, and celebrate the murdering that bring said deaths.

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So please avoid the ________________ War at all costs and reconsider any more bloodshed.”



The Future


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