Traffic (a poem sprung up lately)

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BEFORE I WAS A LAZY BLOGGER, I WAS A NOVELIST AND SHORT STORY WRITER. And before that, a poet. Some undusting here. I still “am” a novelist, short story, screenplay, and assorted essays writer, but at one point I wrote a lot of poetry, like a Ginsberg/Whitman-Supermarket-bunch of poetry. Here’s one.


I planned on being on time,

but then I wasn’t.


Some say traffic

is like



Some say traffic

is like



You never know why it happened

no one ever tells you

but every now and then

there is a pile of wreckage

and you’re like

oh that’s what it was.


I planned on being there early,

but the highway was full of returning saviors

and unwanted children

and burning tanks-


The highway was full of hopes and wishes

and alarm clocks

and anxiety dreams about being late-


I was delayed by relaxed shoulders

and choice of driver’s music

and rising early

and such and such

and nada Hemingway

and my happy place

which is not the highway-


The highway was full

and empty

of the same cars I see every day-

the same bend,

and hidden patrol,

and the first four tones of the morning news-


Some say traffic

is like-


Some say life

is like-


I planned on being here on time,

and then I wasn’t.

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