Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.02.13 PM
The family, a late term portrait by my son. The new cat is quite large, and you can see the pre-birth belly button of the Mom.

YES! My second daughter and third child is born! …My daughter was born a week ago – she is healthy and beautiful and the greatest baby in the Universe. Mom and baby are safe, and I couldn’t be more grateful and alive.

I now have three kids. I have joined those insane friends of mine who have had three, four, five, even seven (!) kids…once you have three, though, you’re always outnumbered.

SHE is the sequel to our amazing trilogy, as we revisit all the original tropes and story-lines, with twists and new characters, and perfect maturation of the original characters, who are all older and wiser than they were in the original blockbuster. I love this story. She is my new favorite read, for life.

Now for new nerdy dad shirts. And new lessons on life.




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