Too Long/Didn’t Read…


You are a magical, wondrous collection of years of selection.

If you are alive, you’ve beat out millions of possibilities for a chance at your life in a universe slightly titled in your direction as a living, sentient, self-aware individual;

if you’ve survived forty weeks of gestation and babyhood and childhood and being a teenager and part of adulthood, and especially any part of older age (or any combination of these), then you’re literally at the top of the human game – you’ve made it.

If you have someone you love, children, a best friend, or family – even for a short time – then you know what it means to be alive and to discover the things that give life meaning.

If you can read, have a home, are well fed and mostly healthy, and want for almost nothing serious in life, you’re doing better than many people on Earth now and most of those who have lived since day one of humankind.

And you have lived longer than possibly 90% of all humans since the beginning of time and space. Even the animals don’t live as long as you.

So get busy living, in the moment, all day long.

You wonderful thing, you.


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