Introducing Bergamot Ink

Bergamot Ink logoI am proud, honored, and excited to announce that starting tomorrow I’ll be writing a weekly column at The Good Men Project called Bergamot Ink. I will be joining an amazing staff of writers and editors, and am looking forward to learning and growing as a writer and humanist. I will strive to bring original, honest, clever, and inspiring essays and articles to you, the reader, and will be writing about anything that falls into my cup (bergamot, ink, pencil shavings, “found” metaphors, wily anecdotes).

A few scenes here I’m thinking about:

– when I was nineteen I had an overnight job where I really started focusing on my writing outside of class and journaling, when I decided that I would be a writer no matter what. The office at that job had a printer, and I took full advantage. There’s something about printing out your work and holding it in your hands. I think I printed everything in Courier New font size ten because it had that official look, and to this day I remember that fire inside me, that juvenile excitement at a life of chasing after the greats somehow. Young English majors are like that.

– last year when one of my students said “Mr. McKeen, I was creeping on your blog, and I really like what you were writing. When are you going to write more?” This, in part, inspired me to keep writing at Nerdy Dad Shirt (when it was just a handful of essays from years ago). If I could grab the attention of a teenager (who, admittedly doesn’t really like to read) with my writing about this official life stuff, then I might just continue. Also, I make my students write personal, philosophical essays all the time, so it’s only fair that I attempt the same.

I will still continue writing at Nerdy Dad Shirt as well as Sammiches and Psych Meds, BLUNTMoms, and any website that will have me.

That being said, and with great thanks to my family and fellow writers and bloggers who have been essential to me getting here, here I go!

I will see you on the page~


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