All American Marriage!


A few years ago I was privileged to perform a wedding ceremony (as I do from time to time) for an older couple who wanted to marry in one state because their same-sex marriage would be legal. Because it was not legal to marry in the state where they lived as a couple for decades, they were, along with friends, trying to start a small movement: marrying in a legal state and then moving back in order to buck the system so that one day all same-sex couples could legally marry in America.

Such a day is here.

Now we can say that all traditional and same-sex marriages in America—not just one state, or four, or 37—are legal.

All marriages are now American.

There are no longer second-class marriages to be spoken of quietly, as if those wanting to be married have done something wrong with the one they love, and they have to wait for a vote or court to allow them legal rights that almost anyone else can have.

Here’s to America! Here’s to cake! Here’s to marriage!